How to find the Most suitable data Rate for the Given target?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This command determines the most suitable data rate for a given target. It checks the success rate in all the data rates possible by the AP.

#rft test profile link-quality ip-addr dest-mac 00:40:96:a4:e7:c1 Transaction ID: 1
Ip address: Ap’s ip address
Dest-Mac: client’s mac address
Use this command to view the test results


(qvslgwfarc01) #rft test profile link-quality ip-addr dest-mac 00:26:08:a0:d7:99 phy g
Note: we can use the same command for Phy A as well.
Transaction ID: 2801
(qvslgwfarc01) #show rft result trans-id 2801
RF Troubleshooting test result
No result to show
(qvslgwfarc01) #show rft result trans-id 2801
Profile LinkQuality, TransID 2801, AP, Dest 00:26:08:a0:d7:99, Radio 1, Num Packets 100
Data Rate  Success Rate
---------  ------------
1.0 Mbps    35%
2.0 Mbps    96%
5.5 Mbps    62%
6.0 Mbps     3%
9.0 Mbps    10%
11.0 Mbps   98%
12.0 Mbps   10%
18.0 Mbps    9%
24.0 Mbps   14%
36.0 Mbps   17%
48.0 Mbps   12%
54.0 Mbps    2%
Destination went into power-save during the test. Results may not be
Accurate. For accurate results, disable power-save on the destination.

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