How to format only the Flash system of the Aruba Mobility Controller?


Basic Requirements:

1. The controllers must be running minimum AOS: 6.4.4.x

2. This option is available only from Command Line Interface(CLI) of the controller.

3. The described operation to be performed only when the controller is taken out of service or decommissioned.



Starting from ArubaOS, the "wipe out flash" command is introduced. This command erases all data including configuration, logs, license keys, flash backup files and formats the flash file system in the controller.


This command can be executed from any mode(privilege/ configuration) of the the controller

(Aruba-Controller) #wipe out flash




Once this command is executed we will get the following caution message

"Flash filesystem will be formatted.
                                    Configuration, databases and all the files will be deleted. Press 'y' to proceed :


Proceed either by typing "y" to proceed with the format or "n" to cancel the flash wipe out.

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