How to increase the number of lines for a page on an Aruba Controller' CLI?

How to increase the number of lines for a page on an Aruba Controller's CLI?

We can increase the number of lines that can be displayed when a command is executed as below example. We can set the value from 24 to 100 lines per page.  
(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) # page ?
<length>                Page Size <24 - 100>
(ArubaMaster) #page 24
(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) #show running-config
Building Configuration...

version 6.5
enable secret "******"
enable bypass
hostname "ArubaMaster"
clock timezone PST -8
location "MainBuilding"
controller config 1
ip NAT pool dynamic-srcnat
ip access-list geolocation global-geolocation-acl
ip access-list eth validuserethacl
  permit any
netservice svc-ipp-tcp tcp 631
netservice svc-dhcp udp 67 68 alg dhcp
netservice svc-citrix tcp 2598
netservice svc-tftp udp 69 alg tftp
netservice svc-netbios-ssn tcp 139
netservice svc-pcoip-udp udp 50002
netservice svc-papi udp 8211
netservice svc-natt udp 4500
netservice svc-ica tcp 1494
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