How to see machine authentication cache inside the controller?


How can we see machine authentication cache in Aruba controller?


When a windows device boots up, it logs onto the domain using machine account. Within this domain, the device will be authenticated before group policies are executed. This is called machine authentication. Client machine will trigger machine authentication only when it boots up. We can configure machine authentication parameters in dot1x profile:


(Master) # configure t
(Master) (config) #aaa authentication dot1x default

(Master) (802.1X Authentication Profile "default") #machine-authentication enable
(Master) (802.1X Authentication Profile "default") #machine-authentication cache-timeout ?
<ma-cache-tmout>        Cache Timeout in Hours.Default is 1 day (24 hrs).     Range: 1-1000. Default: 24.


When a client undergoes machine authentication successfully, it is added to the machine auth cache on the controller for default of 24 hours. We can see the machine authentication cache on the controller by the following command:


#show dot1x machine-auth-cache  

Machine Auth Cache Table
MAC                                                     Expiry
---                                                           ------
9c:4e:36:9a:3c:5c                      Oct 21 15:05:18

Machine Auth Cached Entries: 1

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