How to set Administrator Session Timeout for the WebUI and CLI of the controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment: This article applies to All Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS.


Sometimes we come across situation where the WebUI and CLI session to controller gets timed out , to overcome that we can configure the number of seconds after which an Administrator’s WebUI or CLI session times out.

For the WebUI
To define a timeout interval for a WebUI session, use the command:
web-server sessiontimeout <session-timeout>
In the above command, <session-timeout> can be any number of seconds from 30 to 3600, inclusive.

For the CLI
To define a timeout interval for a CLI session, use the command:
loginsession timeout <value>
In the above command, <val> can be any number of minutes from 5 to 60 or seconds from 1 to 3600, inclusive. You
can also specify a timeout value of 0 to disable CLI session timeouts.

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For version, the Web UI syntax is:
(controller) (config) #web-server profile
(controller) (Web Server Configuration) #   session-timeout ?
<session-timeout>       Configure user's WebUI session timeout <30-3600>


web-server profile
   session-timeout 1800


CLI syntax is the same as above.

Anyone know if the CLI Session timeout has been deprecated and hopefully replaced with a new commands. does not support the CLI commands listed. 

I see these were for ArubaOS. 

Anyone know commands for Instant CLI session timeout? I dont see anything in the CLI guide. 

Is there a way to change the GUI timeout on an Instant Access point?

Not that I can find. 

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