How to setup a Ipv6 Dhcp server on controller

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How to setup a Ipv6 Dhcp server on controller?



Please follow these command with an example setup



Creating Dhcp pool


(Aruba) (config)#service dhcpv6

(Aruba) (config)#ipv6 dhcp pool “DHCPv6”

(Aruba) (config-dhcpv6)#dns-server <server ip>

 (Aruba) (config-dhcpv6)#lease 0 12 0 0

(Aruba) (config-dhcpv6)#network 2500:abcd:1234:dead::/64 


Creating and interface and mapping the server



 (Aruba) (config)#interface vlan 3

(Aruba) (config-subif)#ipv6 address 2500:abcd:1234:dead::1/64

(Aruba) (config-subif)#ipv6 dhcp server “DHCPv6” < Dhcp pool name>

Aruba) (config-subif)#!ipv6 nd ra enable

Aruba) (config-subif)#!ipv6 nd ra preference high

Aruba) (config-subif)#!ipv6 nd ra managed-config-flag

Aruba) (config-subif)#!nd ra prefix 2500:abcd:1234:dead::/64

(Aruba) (config-subif)#!


(Aruba) (config)# ipv6 dhcp excluded-address fdd7:b215:19cb:4552::25 fdd7:b215:19cb:4552::fe
ipv6 dhcp excluded-address 2500:abcd:1234:dead::50 2500:abcd:1234:dead:ffff:ffff:ffff:fffe


Few points to be noted


- If you are not receiving an ip even after following the steps please check if the Network ip and interface ip are in the right subnet.


-Check the excluded ip are right

-Check the dhcp pool name is correctly mapped to the interface









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