How to stream multicast videos with high data rates over wireless?

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MVP Expert

Multicast traffic including multicast videos are by default sent at low transmit rates. This may not be sufficient for stream videos. This article explains how to transmit multicast videos with high data rates over the wireless network. 


Starting, the option "multicast-rate" has been introduced in the SSID profile. Post and Pre versions  allowed configuring the tx rates for multicast videos, but only upto 54 Mbps. 

Starting, Modulation Coding Scheme (MCS) rates for video multicast can be set in the SSID profile that allows configuring MCS 0 - 15. 

The maximum data rate on MCS 15 is 130 Mbps with Long Guard Interval and 144.4 Mbps with Short Guard Interval. 


Below are the commands to configure mcs rates on the SSID Profile. 

(Rajaguru- (config) #wlan ssid-profile INFINITE-PSK-2 
(Rajaguru- (SSID Profile "INFINITE-PSK-2") #multicast-rate ?
12                      12 Mbps
18                      18 Mbps
24                      24 Mbps
36                      36 Mbps
48                      48 Mbps
54                      54 Mbps
6                       6 Mbps
9                       9 Mbps
default                 default (lowest configured rate)
mcs0                    6.5 Mbps
mcs1                    13 Mbps
mcs10                   39 Mbps
mcs11                   52 Mbps
mcs12                   78 Mbps
mcs13                   104 Mbps
mcs14                   117 Mbps
mcs15                   130 Mbps
mcs2                    19.5 Mbps
mcs3                    26 Mbps
mcs4                    39 Mbps
mcs5                    52 Mbps
mcs6                    58.5 Mbps
mcs7                    65 Mbps
mcs8                    13 Mbps
mcs9                    26 Mbps

(Rajaguru- (SSID Profile "INFINITE-PSK-2") #multicast-rate mcs15 
(Rajaguru- (SSID Profile "INFINITE-PSK-2") #end
(Rajaguru- #write memory 
Saving Configuration...

Configuration Saved.

(Rajaguru- # 




The best way to verify that the multicast video is transmitted at mcs 15 is from a wireless packet capture. Below is are the screenshots that shows the data rate of the multicast packet with MCS 6 (default) and MCS 15. 


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