How to take the copy of entire flash from the controller

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

We used to take the flashbackup from the controller. Flash backup of the controller is typically done to backup all information from the controller that is stored on the flash memory. It can also be considered as the "current" state of the switch provided a 'write memory' is done before performing the flash backup. It should contain the following.

  • Software licenses and license database
  • Configuration files
  • Local user database
  • Global AP database
  • WMS database
  • Custom upload certificates
  • Custom upload CP pages
  • Any other files uploaded to the controller

In some situation Engineering team might ask us to take the copy of entire flash of the controller(Which will include the backup of all information from the controller along with Archives and compresses the /flash directory).

# tar flash --> Archives and compresses the /flash directory to flash.tar.gz.

This command creates a file called 'flashbackup.tar.gz' and copies it back onto the flash card of the controller.

Copy the flash backup from the controller to a TFTP server using the following command: 
(Aruba) #copy flash: flash.tar.gz tftp: <tftp-server-ip-address> flash.tar.gz

We can generate this file only via CLI (We dont have an option to create a file via WEBUI).

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