How to track the temperature of Aruba access points


How can we identify the highest and current temperature of Aruba acesss points to avoid getting over heat and damage?



Starting from, thermal sensors available in the 11ax Access points hardware will trigger the AP to switch to thermal shutdown mode with flashing red system LED on when any of the sensor’s temperature exceeds the specific high threshold defined for it. 

When AP is in overheat status, AP will do rebootstrap and will not connect to the controller until AP it is in cool down status.

Below are the command helps to identify the temperature level,


(host) #show ap power-mgmt-statistics ap-name 00:4e:35:c4:47:06
AP Power Mgmt Status, Last update at 2019-09-26 16:43:13
Attr Value
---- -----
LLDP Granted Power       Eth 0: 23.3 Eth 1: 23.3
LLDP Request Power       Eth 0: 23.3 Eth 1: 23.3
Temperature              Highest temperature: 52°C, Lowest temperature: 48°C, Current temperature: 50°C
Power Supply             POE-AT
USB Status               USB Knob: Auto, USB Status: Disabled
PSE Status               N.A.
ETH Status               Eth 0:Enabled. Eth 1:Disabled.
G-radio Chain            4*4
G-radio Enable           Enabled
G-radio Power            Full Power
A-radio Chain            4*4
A-radio Enable           Enabled
A-radio Power            Full Power
CPU Throttle             100%
Power Consumption        7.6W
IPM Enable               Disabled
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