How to troubleshoot Centralized licensing? How to ensure that licensing from all controllers are aggregated?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction- Instead of installing licenses on individual controllers, licenses can be pooled and shared among two or more controllers.  This eliminates tedious capacity planning, and eliminates the need for customers to buy extra licenses just for failover purposes. This is the purpose of Centralized licensing.


Feature Notes- VRRP has to be enabled between the license server and standby license server by the user. The license server will own the configured virtual IP address for the VRRP instance. When the license server becomes unavailable, the standby license server steps in as the license server and takes ownership of the virtual IP address. The two controllers acting as license server and standby license server need to be connected on the same broadcast domain (or Layer-2 connected) for VRRP operation. The master and standby license server should be running the same AOS version. The controllers will use the VRIP of the license server to communicate with it.  This way all the controllers requesting licenses will talk to the controller currently acting as a license server.


Network Topology- Master/Local individual clusters with the master acting as the licensing server - where the master will serve as the license server. The standby master will serve as the standby license server. There will be no support for a redundant license server in a topology with a single master. In a network with multiple master-local setups, each master will serve as the license server for its locals. License information will not be shared between those masters in such a topology. Local controllers cannot be a "license server".
All masters with one of the controllers acting as the designated licensing server -  The customer will need to designate one of the masters as the license server. Another of the controllers can be designated as the standby license server.


Configuration Steps- (config) # license profile
(License provisioning profile) #centralized-licensing-enable

## The following command can be used to specify the license server IP on the license client
(config)#License server-ip <ip>

## The following command can be used to specify the VRID and peer IP address for the standby license server.
(config)#License server-redundancy
(license-server-redundancy)#License-vrrp <vrId>
(license-server-redundancy)#Peer-ip-address <ip>


Answer- (Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash) # show license aggregate

Aggregate License Table
Hostname                   IP Address     AP    PEF   RF Protect  xSec Module  ACR   Last update (secs. ago)
--------                   ----------     ---   ---   ----------  -----------  ---   -----------------------
                   0     0     0           0            0     17
Aruba7240          1024  0     0           0            0     30
Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash  1024  1024  1024        0            1024  8

Total AP License Count          :2048
Total PEF License Count         :1024
Total RF Protect License Count  :1024
Total XSEC License Count        :0
Total ACR License Count         :1024

(Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash) #

In this output it can be seen that both master and local are contributing to the AP license pool 1024 + 1024 = 2048.

Verification- (Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash) #show license-usage ap

AP Licenses
Type                      Number
----                      ------
AP Licenses               2048
RF Protect Licenses       1024
PEF Licenses              1024
Overall AP License Limit  1024


Troubleshooting- (Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash) #show  license server-table

License Server Table
Service Type                                        Aggregate Lic.  Used Lic.  Remaining Lic.
------------                                        --------------  ---------  --------------
Access Points                                       2048            1          2047
Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module  1024            1          1023
RF Protect                                          1024            1          1023
xSec Module                                         0               0          0
Advanced Cryptography                               1024            0          1024

(Master-6.4.3-Beta-Abilash) #

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Hello Vikram,

One of my customer wants me to activate the licenses pooling on their controllers. They are using two 7240 as their master controllers and some 7205 as local controllers. They tell me that they bought a total of 4000 licenses. Since a 7240 only support 2048 licenses, if one of the master becomes the licenses server, will it be able to deal with the 4000 licenses?


Thanks for your time,


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