How to view activation key for a Branch Office Controller

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How to view activation key for a Branch Office Controller


Unlike MAS and Aruba Instant APs, we cannot view the activation key on Brach office controllers using "show version" or webUI

This is because the BOC does not contact Activate once it is provisioned. 


  7005, 7010, 7024 or 7030 are classified as branch office controllers or Cloud Services Controller.

   AoS - minimum requirement 6.4.3.x

  1. Controller must have a route to internet.
  2. BOC should be factory defaulted so that it boots to the Auto-Provisioning menu
  3. Connect uplink to last port on controller and power up unit.
  4. Connect console cable and execute 'enable-debug' command and wait for 30 seconds
  5. Debug logs will start populating and it will display the activation key.


The following logs will be observed on the console-
Aug  1 16:16:52 LOG: Posting message to Activate
Aug  1 16:16:52 LOG: Executing CURL Command /usr/sbin/curl --cacert  /tmp/act_cert_bundle.pem --trace-  ascii /var/log/oslog/activate/trace2.txt -H "Connection: close" -H "X-Type: provision-update" -H "Content-Length: 2703" -H "X-Mode: CONTROLLER" -H "X-Session-Id: 3c97ab71-ee20-4e30-a1f3-9edc69eef47f" -H "X-Challenge-Hash: SHA-1" -H "X-Oem-Tag: Aruba" -H "X-Ap-Info:  CG0002546, 00:0b:86:9a:32:d7, Aruba7010-US" --data-binary @/var/log/oslog/activate/act_body -D /var/log/oslog/activate/act_resp
Aug  1 16:16:52 LOG: Challenge response sent to Activate
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Activate handler invoked for client 8068
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Parsing Activate response
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Callback called to handle Activate response
Aug  1 16:16:53 ERR: Received failure response from Activate, status=fail-prov-no-rule
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Received activation-key as 5GYYSAEN =============> This is the Activation Key
Aug  1 16:16:53 ERR: Terminating Activate connection due to failure
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Stopping Activate communication
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Destroying Activate context
Aug  1 16:16:53 LOG: Calling response handler
If the provisioning parameters are not received, it will retry after 30 seconds.


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Is the activation key something that is needed to register the device in "Activate" web site?  If not what is it used for?

It's used for manually adding a device to Activate/Central.
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