I am adding / removing a VLAN from the VAP. What effect this will have to already connected clients to that SSID?

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Aruba Employee

Environment : This Article applies to all Aruba controllers and OS versions.


Whenever we make any changes to the VLAN / VLAN pool of a VAP, all the users in that VAP will get disconnected.

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We are testing in a lab with a controller running 6.4.x.x. We have a named vlan pool that is assigned via a VSA from the ClearPass controller. We've added a second vlan to the pool and then removed the original vlan from the pool. When we remove the original VLAN from a named vlan pool users remain connected in that VLAN until they re-authenticate. When they reauth, the controller places the user in a legitimate vlan and they get a new address. Is this the expected behavior?

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