I have upgraded my controller from Aruba OS 6.2.x.x to 6.3.x.x and I am getting the below message when I login to the controller. How to get rid of this message ? WARNING: This controller has RAP whitelist data stored in pre-6.3 format, which is consuming excess flash space. You will need this data if you ever need to downgrade the software to pre-6.3 release. If you have backed up your flash already, you may delete the pre-6.3 data by running the command 'local-userdb-ap del all'

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  Applicable to the controllers upgraded from pre 6.3 version to 6.3 version.


When we upgrade the controller from pre 6.3 OS to 6.3.x.x OS version, we usually get this message. As mentioned in the message if we run the command “local-userdb-ap del all” once, we can get rid of this message. Though this command is deprecated in 6.3.x.x OS version we can use this once to get rid of the old rap whitelist occupying the flash.
(Aruba) #local-userdb-ap del all
NOTE: This command has been deprecated. Please use "whitelist-db rap del" command. Use this command ONLY to delete entries from old RAP whitelist.
 Total 1200 entries deleted

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