IPv6 functionality on an access point in Pre and post 6.4.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

IPv6 functionality on an Access Point in Pre & post 6.4.


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  • An AP will skip DHCP when Static IP/mask(prefix)/gateway is set in APBoot.
  • If an AP only gets an IPv4 address, the AP will run as IPv4.
  • If an AP only gets an IPv6 address, the AP will run as IPv6.
  • If an AP gets both IPv4 and IPv6 address, an AP will run as IPv4 or IPv6. The choice is made based on the ‘master’. (if AP resolves an IPv4 address from DNSv4 server, and also an IPv6 address from DNSv6 server),  then the IPv4 address is preferred as master.


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