Importance of setting correct date and time in Aruba.

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Aruba Employee

Question : What is the importance of setting correct date and time in Aruba and which all things can go bad if it is not set correctly?


Environment  : This article is valid for all Aruba controller and software versions.



Solution :


1. Mater-local not coming up.
2. RAP  not coming up.
3. Master-standby failing.
4. Dot1x failing when termination is enabled.
5. Logs not in Sync.


A certificate is valid for a certain time range. If the device receiving the certificate finds that the cert is out of time range, it will reject the certificate. That will cause the process to fail.

A cert in Aruba can be used in following circumstance:

1. CPsec.
2. Cert based RAPs.
3. Master-Master redundancy.
4. Master-local setup.
5. Dot1x with termination enabled.

These things may fail if the date is out of range.

Also correct time is necessary for log analysis to compare the device status after the issue has occurred. It is always suggested to use NTP for Controllers.


1. Set the correct time / use NTP servers.
2. Make sure that correct timezone is set on the controllers.
3. If NTP config is there, but time is incorrect, please remove NTP config and set the correct time manually.


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I just read that ntp settings are not synced from the Master to Local controller. On the local controller I can't add the local ntp server in the gui but the master's are present. Should they be the same and is it preferred to edit the local setting.


Settings that are not synced -

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