In ArubaOS 6.3, what are the services defined in airgroup and which of them are enabled by default?

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Aruba Employee
Question In ArubaOS 6.3, what are the services defined in airgroup by default and which of the are enabled?
Environment This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controller running ArubaOS version 6.3 and higher.



The following services are pre-configured and made available as part of the factory default configuration:

  • AirPlay
  • AirPrint
  • iTunes
  • RemoteMgmt
  • Sharing
  • Chat

Note: By default only Airplay and AirPrint are enabled

"Show airgroup status" command would tell you the services defined and enabled. Following image shows the services and their status on airgroup enabled controller:

show airgroup status | begin Service




Based on the services required on the network, administrator can enable or disable a particular service. Following image shows how to enable or disable an airgroup service:

In the config mode:

(Aruba-3400) (config) #airgroup service <service-name> <enable/disable>




To disable the service:  

(config) #airgroup service <service-name> disable

The above-mentioned disable command blocks an AirGroup service by blocking the service IDs for that service. When an AirGroup service is enabled, service IDs of that service are enabled automatically. To view the list of blocked services, use the "show airgroup blocked-service-id" command.



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