Is Eval License supported in Centralized licensing? What happens when it expires?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Eval license limits will be supported in centralized licensing. If the client controller has an eval license, its limits will be added to the limits being sent to the server. When the eval license expires the next message to the server will carry the new limits.

Eval license limits will be added to the available license limits and pushed to the master. The limits sent from the client will change when the eval license expires. When an eval license expires, the client will subtract its limit from the installed license count in the next license heartbeat that is sent to the server. If a license is added or deleted on the client it will update the installed license count in the next heartbeat sent to the license server

The next license heartbeat sent from the client to the server will contain the updated installed limits. Any AP’s that are up will not be brought down if there are not sufficient licenses. If the AP reboots it will not be able to come up again if sufficient licenses are not present.

The available license count on the server is the sum total of installed licenses on the license clients (including unexpired eval licenses)


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