Is a template for importing known stations available?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all RFprotect versions.


You need the following information:

  •      The MAC addresses of your stations
  •      The type of station it is
  •      The name you want assigned to your station
  •      The stations classification
  •      The subclassification (optional)


Use this format and these acceptable values for importation:




Station Type

Client                      0

AP                          1

Ad-hoc                    2


Rogue Classification

Authorized              0

Rogue                    1

Neighbor                 2

Unclassified            3


Sub-Rogue classification (for Authorized APs and Clients only)

N/A                                 -1

Guest                              2

Internal                            1

Suspected Rogue            13

Suspected Neighbor        12

Transient                        11


Once this is done to your satisfaction:


  1.      Navigate to File > Database Management > Import Data.
  2.      Select Authorized Station records and click Finish.
  3.      Select the type of file you are importing and click Next.
  4.       Input the name of the file you are importing and click Next.
  5.      Click Next three times until you get to the Mappings screen.
  6.       In the Source column, click in the field next to the destination which will be imported and select the field to import from the drop-down menu.

Required fields are:

  •       ADDRESS
  •       NAME
  •       ROGUE
  1.      Click Next twice to get to the final screen and click Execute to finish the process.
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