Is there a configuration on controller to trigger alerts when some of the key controller parameters like CPU, memory etc goes beyond a threshold? How do we configure controller capacity alerts?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains a new feature introduced in AOS version 6.2 to trigger an alert when following parameters cross the configured threshold on the controller:

  1. Memory Utilization
  2. CPU Utilization (Control-path and datapath)
  3. Number of APs
  4. Number of Local controllers
  5. Total tunnel capacity on controller
  6. User Capacity

This article applies to all the controllers running a minimum of AOS version 6.2. OS versions prior to 6.2 do not support this feature.



Environment : All the sample outputs in this article have been tested on AOS version running on a 3200XM controller.


This article has been created using a standalone 3200XM controller running



The default threshold values are shown below:





This article explains the configuration of the “user capacity” parameter. Rest all parameters can be configured the same way.

From CLI:

Here we are changing the user-capacity threshold from the default of 80% to 50%.


rtaImage (1).png



rtaImage (2).png


To revert the configuration back to the default value:


rtaImage (3).png



From WebUI:

  1. Navigate to Configuration> Management> Threshold
  2. Set the desired values

rtaImage (4).png


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