Is there any performance impact enabling RTLS on controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
For the AOS Software, if you enable RTLS on Controller there is no performance issues(Process Spiking/High CPU on Controller)with default setting of 30 Sec for a small solution.
However RTLS feed from Controller is not a Scalable one for High Precision Location Tracking for more Clients ~1,00,000.
There is a delay/lag introduced if you try to Poll more associated Clients information from Controller and we are coming up with Specific messages to fix this. 
We will use the RTLS feed from Controller only for Tracking RTLS Tags . For associated, un-associated clients we are coming up with 'Context Engine' which will pull 'raw RSSI' Info from Controller and do the Computation with better accuracy.  
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Note that RTLS messages are sent directly from the AP to the RTLS server.  Controller is only involved in the configuration.

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