MTU size for Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client


How to set MTU size for Virtual adapter for Windows VIA 2.3.4 and above 


VIA calculates optimal MTU value for the virtual adapter based on the physical network interface on the client machine. But in some situations, this optimal value may not be desired.  

From VIA 2.3.4 the administrator can change the MTU value used by VIA.

VIA compares the VIA-calculated MTU and configured MTU, and uses the lesser MTU value.

For example, if the VIA-calculated MTU value is 1300 and the configured MTU value is 1452, VIA uses 1300.

This can be configured under advanced VIA connection profile settings 

1. Navigate to Configuration > Security > Authentication > L3 Authentication.
2. Expand VIA Connection, select the connection profile.
3. In the VIA Connection Profile pane, click Advanced.
4. For VIA Client mtu value, enter a value between 576 and 5120. Default: 1452.
5. Click Apply.

Note: This feature is support from Controller AOS 6.5.1 and above

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