Management Interface on ArubaMobility Master/VMC(VM instances)


How to configure Management Interface on ArubaMobility Master/VMC(VM instances)


The ArubaMobility Master/VMC are VM instances and access to the console is dependent on the deployment environment. If access through the serial port is denied you can alternatively access the console through the Management Interface. After an IP is assigned, the management interface can be accessed from anywhere in the network. To implement this change a separate routing table is assigned with its own default gateway for managing the IP that is introduced. This ensures the management traffic is routed to the right interface.

The initial implementation of this feature covers IPv4, IPv6, and manual configuration of a static IP for management interface from the console.

Execute the following commands to configure an IP on the management interface:

(host) [mynode] #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(host) [mynode] (config) #interface mgmt
(host) [mynode] (config-submode)#ip address

(host) [mynode] (config) #interface mgmt
(host) [mynode] (config-submode)#ipv6 address 2014::184/64


Execute the following commands to configure a default gateway for the management interface traffic and to segregate the management traffic from the normal data traffic on datapath ports:

(host) [mynode] (config) #ip default-gateway mgmt


(host) [mynode] (config) #ipv6 default-gateway mgmt 2014::1

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