Mesh Private Vlan configuration


What is the need for Mesh Private Vlan (mpv)?


1.  In order to setup a Mesh Point which in turn contacts the Remote Mesh Portal over the mesh link, a mesh private vlan needs to be configured.

2. Mesh point sends the DHCP request with the mesh private VLAN (MPV) parameter. The mesh point learns the MPV value from the response during the mesh association. The use of MPV makes it easy for the RMP to decide which requests to forward over the split tunnel.

3. In the "mesh-radio-profile", if the "mesh private vlan" is not 0, a split-tunnel vap MUST be configured in the ap-group with a vlan-id and the same vlan-id needs to be configured as the mpv (mesh private vlan) as well. The mesh-point will get an IP address from the Corporate network depending on the vlan that is mapped for the mesh-private vlan.
4. However, In the "mesh-radio-profile", if the "mesh private vlan" is set to 0, there is not no need for a split-tunnel vap to be configured in the ap-group and the mesh-point will get an IP address from the Local Network itself.

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