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  1. AP-205-MP10 


After multiple requests from the field for “eco-friendly multi-packs” we’re now offering this 10-pack of the AP-205.

List price is exactly 10x that of a single AP-205 unit, but the amount of waste (and unpacking frustration) is significantly reduced.

Consider this a test-case for AP multi-packs. If successful, we’ll likely introduce additional ones in the future, for other popular SKUs.

*Note that we’ll never “automatically” fulfil large orders for AP-205 with AP-205-MP10 multi-packs; they need to be explicitly ordered as such.



  1. AP-AC-12V30A, AP-AC-12V30B and AP-AC-48V36C 


A family of new AC-to-DC power adapters, compliant with the new “Level VI” energy efficiency requirement. All existing AP power adapters are Level V.

Between the three of them, all indoor AP models are supported.

Over time, all indoor AP AC adapter demand should transition over to these three new adapters, and we’ll eventually phase out the current ones.

All three are “desktop style”, corded adapters, and a power cord (PC-AC-xx) should be added for every one of these adapters on an order.

All three adapters have angled (90 degrees) DC plugs, which is a change from all of the current ones.

The last character (A/B/C) indicates the DC plug spec. They’re physically incompatible, so make sure you order the right one (check Apptus or the applicable AP ordering guide)

Some details on the plugs below (for those interested)

Simplified AP compatibility summary:

  • Type B: 320 and 310 Series
  • Type C: 330 Series, 205H, RAP-3WNP
  • Type A: all others



Type A:  

Type A.png

Type B:

Type B.png


Type C:

Type C.png



  1. AP-334, AP-335 


New 330 Series access points (802.11ac 4x4 wave 2 flagship), controller-based variants

Added to support e-rate quoting purposes only. General orders will be accepted in May. Product is expected to start shipping in June.

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