Not able discover Apple TVs in Master-local setup with shared VLANs

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment Information: Master-local setup
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Symptoms: In Master-local setup with shared VLANs across them randomly clients might not be able to see some Apple TVs


Cause: Since this setup has shared VLANs the mDNS records are learned from the devices as well as from the other controllers. This leads to multiple entries in the cache for same devices. These redundant entries are added on the response to client which cover the MAX entries that controller respond with i.e 100.


Resolution: Airgoup domain feature will help to address this issue. This will make the controller not to learn the mdns device entries multiple times.





(Aruba) (config) #airgroup domain test2
(Aruba) (config-airgroup-domain) #ip-address <ip-address>Add all the ip-adddress of the locals.

(Aruba) (config-airgroup-domain) #!
(Aruba) (config) #airgroup active-domain test2

All controller policies are cleared as its not supported on multi-controller setup.They will be retrieved automatically once this controller is not part of any active domain.



(Aruba) (config) #airgroup active-domain test2


The domain configs are pushed from the master to all the locals. But you need to activate the particular domain created by you on all the locals.

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