PoE Optimization Support on AP-205H Access Points


How to Optimize POE Support on AP-205H Access Points?


Starting from ArubaOS, PoE optimization is supported on the AP-205H access points. On enabling this feature:

  • The AP draws 13.0 W power.
  • USB port is disabled if the AP USB Power override parameter is not enabled.
  • Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) is disabled.

Enable the PoE optimization on AP-205H AP from the WebUI or CLI.

In the WebUI:

To enable PoE optimization on AP-205H AP using the WebUI:
1. Navigate to Configuration > WIRELESS > AP Configuration.
2. In the AP Group tab, click the default AP group.
      This procedure uses the default AP group.
3. In the Profiles section, expand AP and click Provisioning.
4. In the Profile Details section, select the default profile from the Provisioning profile drop-down list.
     This procedure uses the default provisioning profile.
5. In the AP POE Power optimization drop-down list, select enabled.
6. Click Apply and Save Configuration.


In the CLI:

To enable PoE optimization on AP-205H AP using the CLI:
(host) (config) #ap provisioning-profile default
(host) (Provisioning profile "default") #ap-poe-power-optimization enabled
(host) (Provisioning profile "default") #write memory

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