Post 6.3 upgrade, unable add more DHCP scopes as it throws "Failed to add pool" error message?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  Following controller's 6XX, 3XXX, M3 and 72XX running 6.3.X.X


6XX, 3XXX, M3 and 72XX controllers running 6.3.X.X, we could only have limited number of pools created as per platform limits. If we try to surpass the limit, it will through the error "Failed to add pool" which is expected. As shown below, on a 3600 controller, we already have 506 leases created and its limit is 512 leases.





If we try to add big DHCP pool, it will throw the error which is an expected behavior. 


rtaImage 1.png


However for the remaining leases, we could have small scopes created to make full use of 512 leases.


rtaImage 2.png


rtaImage 3.png






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