Precautions while selecting CN field in the custom certificate for the captive portal.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Question   Why is captive portal redirection is not taking place after loading the customer certificate on the controller when I am using custom certificate on the controller.
Environment   This article is valid for all Aruba controllers and code versions.


Aruba captive portal implementation allows the two modes.

1. HTTP: no cert used, shows the IP adrerss of the controller.

2. HTTPS: Cert is used, IP address is not shown in the URP.

Default certificate loaded in the controller carried the CN name ""

Thus when the browser tries to load any url say "" it send a HTTP get request. Controller captures it and sends redirect message to the url that the page has moved to ""

Browser then sends a DNS query for which is replied to by the controller as its own IP address. The browser then sends http get to that IP which will allow the captive portal to be loaded.

1. We need to make sure that the CN name is not a public site like

2. We need to make sure CN field contains a FQDN. if it doesn't then url will never send DNS for the page as it will think it is not a valid url.


If CN field contains "tryme" the captive portal will not load.
If CN fiels contains" then the captive portal page will get loaded.


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