Precedence on BCMC Optimization vs Convert Broadcast ARP request to unicast


Which takes precedence between BCMC Optimization and Convert Broadcast ARP request to unicast?


BCMC Optimization:

When BCMC Optimization is enabled, it helps in preventing flooding of Broadcast and Multicast traffic on controller’s VLAN​​

Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast:

When convert broadcast arp to unicast knob is enabled  all broadcast ARP requests are converted to unicast and sent directly to the client.

Note:  This configuration parameter is only intended for use for virtual APs in tunnel mode, meaning this is a SSID specific configuration with respect to VAP profile.

When BCMC Optimization is enabled in VLAN and Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast is enabled under VAP at the same time the priority is always with BCMC Optimization in VLAN. This is because the flood prevention will be happening from the interface VLAN (wired/wireless segment) of the controller.

Hence BCMC Optimization takes precedence over Convert Broadcast ARP to unicast.

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