Prerequisites for Migrating to ArubaOS 8.x


What are the basic Prerequisites for Migrating to ArubaOS 8.x?


The prerequisites for migrating the controllers in existing deployments to Mobility Master are as follows:

  • Ensure that the devices to be migrated are running any ArubaOS 6.x version.
  • Ensure that the controllers to be migrated are reachable from the server on which the migration tool is running as well as the Mobility Master VM.
  • Update any change in access point (AP) provisioning information if the master controller is not migrated to Mobility Master. APs might be receiving the master information from DHCP, DNS, ADP, or manual provisioning. However, it is recommended that you update any changes before starting the migration procedure.
  • If the master controller from a Master-Local deployment is not migrated to Mobility Master, ensure that no APs terminate on the master controller even in any failover scenario.
  • For migrating a Master-Local deployment to Master Controller Mode, ensure that the master controller does not terminate any APs.
  • Ensure that Mobility Master virtual machine (VM) is installed and is running on a reachable server in the same network.
  • Ensure that the controller-ip vlan/controller-ipv6 vlan and ip default-gateway are configured on the controller before it is migrated.
  • Ensure that the controller does not have cfgfile variable set in CP Boot.
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