Priority of UDR (User Derivation Rule) rules

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
The process of deriving VLAN through various methods is a very widely used  functionality.

Vlan hardening changes are done in order to:
  • Have a predictable scheme of derivation and well defined priorities.
  • Have a history of VLANs derived.
  • Capture better debugging logs.
  • Have clear areas where VLAN information is communicated with STM
  • Check using show commands what VLANs would count for a contention if a current VLAN is to be chosen.

Below step by Step Flow of VLANs Derivation:

  • After Client Associates and Station UP
  • Controller stores the Default incoming VLAN
  • Does Vlan derivation from the initial role and store it.
  • Does Vlan derivation from UDR or UDR based role and store the Vlan.
  • Does Vlan derivation from mac-auth or dot1x auth if authenticated. Honor SDR if configured.
  • Does Vlan derivation from any VSA if configured.
  • Checks if any dhcp-option based UDR is configured under AAA profile.
  • Controller allocates the correct vlan to client based on the highest priority rule.

Below is the diagram explains the lowest and highest priority of UDR to assign VLAN.





















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