Proportional BandWidth Allocation


What is is  Proportional Bandwidth Allocation and what is the use of it ?


Proportional Bandwidth Allocation is the one of the parameter we have in Traffic Management Profile. By using proportional bandwidth allocation we can allocate a  bandwidth, as a percentage of available bandwidth to a virtual AP (VAP).  Minimum bandwidth, as a percentage of available bandwidth, allocated to an SSID when there is congestion on the wireless network. An SSID can use all available bandwidth if no other SSIDs are active.

To assign a percentage of bandwidth to a virtual AP:

1. Click the Virtual AP drop-down list, and select the VAP to which you would like to allocate a bandwidth share.
2. Specify the percentage of bandwidth to be allocated to the VAP in the Share(%) field. 3. Select the Hard Limit checkbox to restrict the bandwidth for the VAP. Do not select the Hard Limit checkbox if you want to restrict the bandwidth for this VAP when there is a congestion on the wireless network.
4. Click Add.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 to assign any remaining bandwidth to additional VAPs, if desired. 

To remove a VAP from the list of VAPs with allocated bandwidth, select the VAP from the Proportional BW Allocation field and click Delete.

In the CLI
To enable and configure traffic shaping via the command-line interface, access the CLI in config mode and issue the following commands:

wlan traffic-management-profile <profile> bw-alloc virtual-ap <Name of the Virtual AP> share <Bandwidth percentage>


To View the Profile: #show wlan  traffic-management-profile <Name of the Profile>



(Aruba7010) (Traffic management profile "test") #show wlan  traffic-management-profile test

Traffic management profile "test"
Parameter                   Value
---------                   -----
Station Shaping Policy      default-access
Proportional BW Allocation  default 10% soft
Report interval             5 min

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