Query on bridge mode user vlan when the RAP's uplink is in trunk


I have my Remote AP connected to a trunk port which is configured to broadcast a bridge mode ssid. Trunk port has vlans 10,20,30 as tagged and vlan 1 as native vlan.
I want the users connecting to the ssid to get IP address from vlan 20, what is the configuration required on the controller to achieve this? 


In order to get IP from vlan 20 (one of the tagged vlan),  we need to configure the vlan on the bridge virtual AP as 20 and the native vlan on the ap-system profile as 100.

Per the design if the vlan number differs between virtual ap and the native vlan on the ap-system profile, the traffic is tagged on the virtual ap's vlan.

Here the traffic is tagged on vlan 20, user gets IP from the same vlan as well.

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