RAP TFTP Image Upgrade


There should be a way for RAP to enable or disable the image upgrade via TFTP


Starting from ArubaOS 6.5, you can enable or disable the TFTP image upgrade on a RAP. This feature does not impact the campus APs. You can enable or disabled this feature using the WebUI or the CLI.


In the WebUI:

The following WebUI procedure enables or disables the TFTP image upgrade on a RAP:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > ADVANCED SERVICES > All Profiles.
  2. In the Profiles section, expand AP > AP system.
  3. Select the default ap system-profile.
  4. In the Profile Details section, click the Advanced tab. 
  5. Select the Disable RAP Tftp Image Upgrade check box. Note: Selecting the check box disables the TFTP image upgrade. Clearing the check box enables the TFTP image upgrade.
  6. Click Apply.

In the CLI:
The following commands enables or disables the TFTP image upgrade on a RAP:
(host) (config) #ap system-profile default
(host) (AP system profile "default") #[no] disable-tftp-image-upgrade
(host) (AP system profile "default") #write memory


The following command displays if the TFTP image upgrade is enabled or disabled in the AP system profile:
(host) #show ap system-profile default
AP system profile "default"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
RF Band g
RF Band for AM mode scanning all
Native VLAN ID 10
Tunnel Heartbeat Interval 1
Session ACL ap-uplink-acl
Corporate DNS Domain N/A
SNMP sysContact N/A
LED operating mode (11n/11ac APs only) normal
LED override Disabled
Driver log level warnings
Console log level emergencies



Disable RAP Tftp Image Upgrade Disabled
Spanning Tree Enabled
AP multicast aggregation Disabled
AP ARP attack protection Enabled
AP multicast aggregation allowed VLANs none
Console enable Enabled
AP Console Protection Disabled
AP Console Password ********
Password for Backup ********
AP USB Power override Disabled
RF Band for Backup all
Operation for Backup off
BLE Endpoint URL N/A
BLE Auth Token N/A
BLE Operation Mode Disabled


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