RAP rebooted with the message " Entering REBINDING state" ? There were no heartbeats missed, routing was all correct. What could be the reason for the AP reboot and how to solve the same.?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This article is valid for all Aruba RAPs and controller versions.


1. RAP  reboots without any heartbeats missed.
2. We see the following output:



# show ap-debug system status ap-name <  name of the AP >
AP rebooted Fri Dec 31 16:00:41 PST 1999; Entering REBINDING state; t1 16 t2 17 lease 20 (saved_ip yiaddr saved_router new_router


1. Current IP lease time is over and the AP reboots after getting a different IP.
2. Due to some reason,  AP ip was removed from the DHCP scope causing the AP to change the IP address the AP rebooted.
3. Due to the new IP address, the AP reboots.



We need to check on the DHCP controller why it was unable to provide the same IP address to the RAP.

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