Regulatory Domain Profile Channel list selection


What happens if all the channels are unselected from the Regulatory Domain profile?

Will AP still broadcast if all the available channels are unselected from the Regulatory Domain profile?


AOS allows us to configure Regulatory Domain profiles and select country code as required. With selection of a new country code we can see, by default a set of channels will be selected as shown below:



If we uncheck all the channels, will AP still broadcast?  Yes, the AP will still broadcast. 

Reason is, un-checking all the channels or un-checking a complete list of valid pairs, eg"Valid 802.11a channel", doesn't restrict the AP from using them. Instead it allows the AP to use any of those channels(provided those channels are supported by the AP type for the country code).


Below is the example:


  1. Create a new Reg-Domain profile and map to the group.
  2. Uncheck all the channels from the list as shown below :
  3. Save the configuration.
  4. Check the allowed-channel list for the AP and the country. In this case AP model is 224 and country code is IN-India.
  5. Check if the AP is still broadcasting or not:




So, to restrict AP's from using a specific channel we need to uncheck that channel or group of channels alone. 

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