Requirements for forming a cluster & Capacity per platform.


What is the cluster capacity in homogeneous vs heterogeneous environment ?


The following controllers can be part of the cluster.

  • 72xx controllers
  • 70xx controllers
  • Virtual Mobility Controllers (VMC)

Note: All the managed nodes need to run the same version of software (8.0 & higher).


Cluster Capacity Per Platform:

  • We can have up to 12 mobility controllers in a cluster when using 72xx.
  • We can have up to 4 mobility controllers in a cluster when using 70xx.
  • We can have up to 4 VM's in a cluster when using Virtual Mobility Controllers (VMC).
  • A mix of hardware (7xxx) and x86 Mobility Controllers in the same cluster is not supported

  • Heterogeneous nodes can’t be more than 4 nodes in size (mix of 70xx & 72xx).





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