SNMPv3 errors after upgrading to AOS 5.0

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Issue: SNMPv3 errors after upgrading to AOS 5.0


This error: "Error in SNMP polling: Unknown engine ID"

After upgrading AOS is a symptom of a change in the controller's clock. Restarting the controller's SNMP service or rebooting the controller should solve the problem.

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You know, if you copy the configuration from a controller in mountain time and mess up the edit such that you reanme the time-zone but don't update the clock adjustment the time will be off by an hour.

I've fixed the time settings and am re-polling now.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Nope.  Not it - but thanks for catching that error on my part.

I did find the Airwave controller settings for device specific overrides. Is it possible Airwave is looking for the other controller's EngineID??

Set the device override for the new controller, still no poll: Unknown Engine ID

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