Sprint Netgear 341U Support in 6.4.3


Support for Sprint Netgear 341U and how to Use the Feature?





Description of the Feature


  • Starting from AOS 6.4.3 we support the Netgear 341U model as a backup USB cellular LTE uplink on the controller.
  • This is supported with the controller being in any mode: Standalone, Master, Local, (BoC)
  • This uplink is NOT supported as the primary uplink during branch office controller initial bringup.
  • This has been supported on the Sprint LTE network in North America.
  • How to Use the Feature


341U modem runs in two modes: NAT mode and IPT.

–Nat mode: Modem acts like a natting device.

This is the default mode out of the box.

WAN IP is on the modem and a DHCP server on the modem hands out an IP in the 192.168.1.x/24 subnet (Usually

While using this mode, make sure that no other interfaces have the same subnet.

–IPT: IP Pass through / Bridge mode.

WAN IP is on the controller directly


 Modem parameters

–Connect modem to laptop and visit http://sprintmodem or   while the modem is in NAT mode. Default password is : password

–From here you can change the subnet, mode and other parameters.

–Tool to change from IPT mode to Default :

Netgear Download link

Netgear 341U User Guide


How to Use the Feature?

  • Configure all wired uplinks in uplink manager.
  • Enable uplink manager.

(config) #uplink

cellular                Cellular uplink configuration

disable                 Disable uplink manager

enable                  Enable uplink manager

health-check            Uplink reachability checks

wired                   Wired uplink configuration

(config) #uplink wired  vlan 900 priority 200

(config) #uplink enable


  • Plug in modem.
  • Confirm output of following commands:

(Aruba7010) #show usb

USB Device Table


Address  Product  Vendor  ProdID  Serial           Type      Profile          State

-------  -------  ------  ------  ------           ----      -------          -----

3         AC341U   1199    9055    355745050399857  Cellular  NETGEAR_341_NAT  Device ready


(Aruba7010) # show uplink

Uplink Manager: Enabled

Uplink Management Table


Id  Uplink Type  Properties       Priority  State         Status            Reachability

--  -----------  ----------       --------  -----         ------            ------------

1   Wired        vlan 900         200       Initializing  Waiting for link  Reachable

2   Cellular     NETGEAR_341_NAT  100       Connected     * Active *        Reachable


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