System Requirements to Install Migration Tool


What are the basic System Requirements to Install Migration Tool


Listed below are the minimum hypervisor host system requirements for ArubaOS to run as a guest virtual machine (VM) and the resources required for the VM to be functional:

  • Quad-core Core i5 1.9 GHz processors with hyper threading enabled
  • 8 GB RAM

Migration Tool VM Requirement

Listed below are the minimum resources required for the migration tool VM to function:

  • 1 CPU
  • 2 GB memory
  • 16 GB disk space
  • 1 virtual NICs
  • Minimum 2 physical NIC ports on the hypervisor.

The hypervisor host should not be oversubscribed in terms of number of VMs configured on a host as it adversely impacts the functionality and performance of ArubaOS.

The migration tool provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to execute the migration process. The tool is available as MigrationTool_V2.8.ova on the customer support site.

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What migration tool?


 The tool is delivered as an OVA, does this mean that there is no option for Hyper-V?  We have many customers that do not have VMware in their environment.


Alternatley can I import the OVA into vmware player, but it would be nice to have a version nativley supported by Hyper-V


This HAS to be made as a hyper-v option. Not having it is really limiting customers.

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