This article indicates the concept of AP Failback with LMS Preemption and LMS Hold Down Period?

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Aruba Employee

AP Failback/ LMS Preemption

The AP failback feature allows an AP associated with the backup controller (backup LMS) to fail back to the primary controller (primary LMS) if it becomes available.

To configure this feature you must:

  • Configure the LMS IP address

  • Configure the backup LMS IP address

  • Enable LMS preemption

  • Configure the LMS hold-down timer ( default 600 seconds)

If configured, the AP monitors the primary controller by sending probes using the PAPI protocol every 60 seconds.  If the AP successfully contacts the primary controller for the entire hold-down period (by default, 600 seconds), it will fail back to the primary controller. If the AP is unsuccessful, the AP maintains its connection to the backup controller, restarts the LMS hold-down timer, and continues monitoring the primary controller.


Using the WebUI to configure AP failback:

1. Navigate to the Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration page.

2. Select either the AP Group or AP Specific tab. Click Edit for the AP group or

AP name.

3. Under Profiles, select AP to display the AP profiles.

4. Select the AP system profile you want to modify.

5. Under Profile Details:

A. At the LMS IP field, enter the primary controller IP address.

B. At the Backup LMS IP field, enter the backup controller IP address.

C. Click (select) LMS Preemption. This is disabled by default.

6. Click Apply.


Using the CLI to configure AP failback:

ap system-profile <profile>

lms-ip <ipaddr>

bkup-lms-ip <ipaddr>


ap-group <group>

ap-system-profile <profile>


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