Troubleshooting AP Rebootstrap Related Issues

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The follwoing URL describes the AP troubleshooting best practices and provides guidance for initial debugging on AP rebootstrap-related issues. It also provides detailed step-by-step information on how to debug the most common issues.

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HELP! I have taken 2 APs offline for relocation. The one with the virtual controller is a instaon 93, there are 2 other 103 units. I took the 93 and one 103 offline then plugged them back in and only the 93 worked. I reset the 93 to factory then rebuilt config. The 103 that had not been moved showed up. The other I reset. No joy. I took all 3 offline then reset the 93 redid config (from scratch) then powered up the 103 that originally worked no joy. Tried everyhing help me!

We have moved our server gateway from TOR's to new Internal PA firewall.

Now, AP's are in constant rebootstrapping mode because of "8 missed heartbeats.

Traceroute from network core to controller fails but traceroute to any other server/device on same subnet successful.

We (us, PA TAC and Aruba TAC) are stumped.

Thinking we need to make some simple config change on Controller or firewall but what ?


Anyone else see this before?

6000 controller running ArubaOS 6.4.3

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