Troubleshooting Client Classification Related Issues

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

ArubaOS can identify a client device type using either user agents or DHCP fingerprinting. The two types of device identification methods have different ways of determining information about a client device.

  • User Agent Classification: When a client visits a web page, the client's web browser sends a user-agent string which indicates which browser the client is using, its version number, and details about the device's operating system. The device type classification option in the AAA profile, which is enabled by default, identifies the device operating system based upon the user agent information from the browser.
  • DHCP Fingerprinting Classification: The ArubaOS DHCP fingerprinting feature can determine additional information about clients that obtain an IP address using DHCP, as the DHCP protocol includes the flexibility to exchange vendor-specific information about the hardware or operating system of the device. DHCP fingerprinting is used in conjunction with user roles. When this feature is enabled and a user role is defined for specific device types, a user role specific to that device type is assigned to the device when it authenticates.

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