Troubleshooting Steps When An MSM Access Point Is Not Recognized By An MSM7xx Controller


You have just received a new MSM Access Point and connected it to the network and the MSM 7xx controller doesn't recognize it. You have put a known AP into the same port and MSM controller sees it with no issues. 


There are several reasons that could cause an AP to not be recognized by an MSM controller. We will look at different troubleshooting steps to help find a solution. 


1.  If you have no other AP to check on the same port for testing, make sure your AP is connected to the same VLAN where the MSM7xx Controller is setup. 

2.  Factory reset the AP -

Hold down the reset button until the LED flashes slowly at least 3 times. You may need to reset it to factory 2 or 3 times to get it to work.

3.  The AP model is fixed for another country (not a US regulatory domain).

Check the model number listed on the AP to determine country. An AM (AM - US Only and WW - World-Wide) are supportable within the US.

4. The AP Ethernet port may be damaged and it cannot communicate to the MSM controller.

Power up the AP on a POE switch port. If the AP is factory reset and no DHCP service is available, it will default to You can then connect a laptop and the AP to the same switch ports connected to the same VLAN.  Since the AP will be, you will need to set the laptop to or higher.  See, if you can ping and/or log into the AP directly at that address. 

5. The AP software is very old and may not be compatible with the version on the MSM7xx controller

You may need to initially upgrade the AP software or possibly the MSM7xx software.

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