Unable to do airplay from the ap’s nearby to the AP which has ATV configured.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Apple TV’s can be configured via location attributes as below.


  • AP-Group – All users connected to APs in this ap-group can access the shared device.
  • AP FQLN – All users connected to APs in the same floor or to APs on a floor above or below the shared device can access it.
  • AP-Name – All users connected to same AP or to one hop RF neighbors can access the shared device.

If the Apple TV is configured via FQLN and AP-Name in the clear pass server, clients connected to one hop neighbouring ap’s will have the capability to do airplay.
For the above to work we should ensure that Original AP configured for the apple tv can see the other AP’s.
show ap arm neighbors ap-name command would help us to find the neighbouring ap’s.
Make sure we have ARM enabled in the RF management radio profile. IF ARM is disabled, Ap’s will not find the neighbouring ap’s.

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