WMS papi too long errors

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : What is the meaning for the below error message:
PAPI RxPacket: Too small a packet of size 72 received


Answer : AMON describes the overall architecture for a tighter integration between Aruba OS and AirWave so that AMP can serve the Mobility Management Server role for an Aruba Deployment.
AMON communications between ArubaOS and AirWave is sent over 8211/udp (same as PAPI).
With AMON, the controller will pass state and stat messages to AMP periodically without being prompted. The AMON messages come from the controller, not directly from the APs.
If we have the below config in place, Controller will build PAPI tunnel to AMP.

              mgmt-server type amp primary-server profile default-amp

Genrally the PAPI tunnel size would 76 bytes in length.However this PAPI uses 72 bytes which causes the error.

This is genric error and wont affect the production or wireless network.

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