We can take wireless packet captures of specific wireless client

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Question how can we take the wireless captures of a specific wireless client using CLI, which would help us in client specific troubleshooting.
Environment This article applies to AOS 6.3 and above


In order to troubleshoot client specific issues, in AOS 6.3 we could take the packet capture of a specifc client. below are the commands to enable the captures
(Aruba) #packet-capture datapath wifi-client ?
<mac-address>           MAC address of the client
(Aruba) #packet-capture datapath wifi-client <mac-address> ?
all                     Capture both decrypted and encrypted packets
decrypted               Capture decrypted packets only
encrypted               Capture encrypted packets only
Capture destinations can be one of the following: 
  1. local-filesystem : Packets are stored on the controller and can be seen inside the tech support logs.
  2. ip-address           : Packets are GRE-encapsulated and mirrored to a remote destination. 
  3. interface              : Packets are mirrored to an interface on the controller. 
(Aruba) #packet-capture destination ?
interface               Send captured packets to an interface
ip-address              Send captured packets to a remote destination
local-filesystem        Store captured packets on the controller in pcap files

(Aruba) #packet-capture destination interface ?
<slot/port>             Interface in <slot>/<port> format
(Aruba) #packet-capture destination ip-address ?
<ipaddr>                A.B.C.D  IP address
(Aruba) #packet-capture destination local-filesystem ?


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