Web UI absolute session timeout on controller


Can we configure Web UI absolute session timeout on controller?


This article is applicable to controller running OS.

Absolute session timer will take affect from the session initialization itself.  Session will be timed-out and cleared once system time has passed absolute timeout duration after the session initialization. WebUI Absolute Session timer is Disabled by default.


web-server profile

  absolute-session-timeout <30-3600> (seconds)


(C1) (Web Server Configuration) #show web-server profile


Web Server Configuration


Parameter                                          Value

---------                                          -----

Cipher Suite Strength                              high

SSL/TLS Protocol Config                            tlsv1 tlsv1.1 tlsv1.2

Switch Certificate                                 default

Captive Portal Certificate                         default

IDP Certificate                                    default

Management user's WebUI access method              username/password

User absolute session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)  3600 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

User session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)           60

Maximum supported concurrent clients <25-320>      50

Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)            true

Web Skype4B Listen Protocol/Port Config            N/A

Enable bypass captive portal landing page          false


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