What are Call detail records? How is this useful in troubleshooting voice related issues?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS version and higher.


ArubaOS enables you to debug voice issues more efficiently and quickly by providing detailed information about the voice calls, voice client status, and Call Detail Records (CDR).

You can obtain the advanced troubleshooting information such as time of failure of the call, status of the client during the call failure, signal strength of the call, AP handoff information, and signaling message issues.

ArubaOS allows you to view the voice CDRs for the completed calls. Additionally, it enables you to view more details such as AP handoff information and AP station reports for a specific terminated call based on the CDR Id.

The AP handoff information includes the AP events such as association request, re- association request, and de-authentication request with timestamps. The AP station report includes the AP MAC address, association time, average RSSI value, and retries count.


NOTE:  If Syslog server is configured, ArubaOS pushes the generated CDRs to the syslog server to retain the older CDR data for a later analysis. The CDR data pushed to the syslog server do not contain the details of the AP stats and AP events.

You can use the WebUI or CLI to view the troubleshooting information on a voice call based on the CDR Id.

In the WebUI

1. Navigate to the Monitoring > Voice > Call Detail Report page. This page displays the CDRs of the completed calls.

2. Click the CDR Id of a call to view the AP station reports, and the AP handoff information of the call.

In the CLI:

To view the details of a completed call based on the CDR Id:

(host) #show voice call-cdrs cid 4

Voice Client(s) CDRs (Detail)
CDR Id  Client IP        Client Name    ALG    Dir    Called/Calling Party    Status     Dur(sec)    Orig time
----------  -----------         -----------------    ------    ----    ---------------------------    ---------     ------------    ------------
   4      3011              sccp    IC             3042                       SUCC        34            Aug 14 06:48:44

R-value     Reason   Codec   Band      Setup Time(sec)   Re-Assoc  Initial-BSSID                Initial-ESSID  Initial-AP Name
-----------     -----------   ---------   -------      -----------------------  --------------  -------------------------      -----------------  -----------------------
   77                               G711  YELLOW            0                          1            00:1a:1e:a8:2d:80            legap            AP-65-2

AP Events
Timestamp                      BSS Id                       Category             Event
----------------                    ------------                      -------------           ---------
Aug 14 06:48:53     00:1a:1e:a8:2d:80     AP Management   Assoc Req
Aug 14 06:48:53     00:1a:1e:a8:2d:80     AP Management   Assoc Resp

AP Station Reports

Timestamp                   BSS Id               RSSI     Tx       Tx-Drop  Tx-Data   Tx-Data-Retry   Tx-Data-Bytes  
----------------                   ---------               -------     ----      -----------  -----------   ------------------  -------------------- 
Aug 14 06:49:08    00:1a:1e:a8:2d:80   27      20466    6154      20460          2522                 2310190

Tx-Data-Time           Rx         Rx-Retry
-------------------        --------      ----------
          0                    26245          0


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