What are spectrum monitors in ArubaOS 6.0?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 6.X and later.


Spectrum analysis provides a visualization of the interference by turning an AM or AP into a spectrum monitor (SM) to listen for and visualize interference in the RF band. When in SM mode, the AP is not serving clients or taking part in containment of rogue APs, however IDS monitoring does continue.

Instead the AP is sampling the RF band and providing data to the mobility controller. The following APs can be used in SM mode.

APs and Controllers Spectrum Support

AP-13x Full Support
AP-105 Supported
AP-9X Series Full Support
RAP-5WN Partial Support
AP-12X Series Partial Support
RAP-2WG No Support
AP-6X Series No Support
600 Series Full Support
Aruba 3000 Series Full Support
M3 Mkl Full Support

Partial support on the 12X series and RAP-5WN allows for all spectrum graphs except for Real Time FFT, Duty Cycle spectrographs, and interference classification types.

Real-time FFT: This line chart shows the power level of a signal on a channel or frequency that is monitored by a spectrum monitor radio. This chart is available only for AP-105 and the AP-90 Series.

FFT Duty Cycle: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is an algorithm that is used to compute the frequency spectrum of a time-varying input signal. This line chart shows the FFT duty cycle, which represents the percent of time that a signal is broadcast on the specified channel or frequency. This chart is available only for AP-105 and the AP-90 and AP-130 Series.

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